The Tiger in the Well by Philip Pullman (1991)

The Tiger in the Well

Pullman, Philip. The Tiger in the Well. London: Scholastic Point, 2004. Text copyright © Philip Pullman 1991.

The third in Philip Pullman’s series of thrillers set in Victorian London finds the heroine, Sally Lockhart, in Twickenham. It is 1881, and Sally lives with her daughter and Bohemian friends in “Orchard House”, a large, airy Regency building with iron balconies, a glass-roofed veranda and a sunny garden with flowerbeds and fruit trees. Her business as a financial consultant is thriving, and there is even a photography shop in Church Street. Sally’s happiness is threatened, however, as a villainous man called the Tzaddik makes his way towards Twickenham …

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