I am grateful to the authors and illustrators who agreed to be interviewed for this website, and to all copyright holders, including publishers, who granted permission for material to be reproduced here. A special thank you to Ian Beck, who was the very first interviewee, and whose generous spirit set the tone for the whole project.

The volunteer staff at the Twickenham Museum suggested several useful contacts. The museum’s website also features information about local writers. Many of the books featured here are, of course, available in Richmond upon Thames Libraries; staff in branches throughout the borough were helpful. In particular, I would like to thank Jane Baxter and her team in Richmond’s Local Studies Collection for retrieving huge and exciting files of information about relevant past authors and illustrators, and Joss Green of the Young People’s Library Service, Richmond Libraries, for suggesting a number of more recent and contemporary names.

The extremely knowledgeable booksellers at The Lion & Unicorn Bookshop in Richmond and at Langton’s Bookshop in Twickenham (which closed, alas, in 2012) also suggested children’s books and authors with local connections.


The following general works informed my background reading and research. References are given for each post where specific works are cited.

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