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Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

Although he did write several books especially for children, Charles Dickens was so celebrated among the Victorians that children of his day also read his novels and especially his Christmas stories. His works remain immensely popular, although today young people are perhaps more likely to be familiar with their many stage and screen adaptations. In any case, Charles Dickens is regarded as one of the most significant writers in Britain’s history. He lived all over London, including Twickenham and Petersham, and many of his novels include scenes set in or around this area.

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Eleanor Updale

Eleanor Updale (b. 1953)

Eleanor Updale is the author of the Montmorency series of Victorian adventure stories. Having lived all around South London, Ellie moved with her family to Richmond in 2001.

Formerly a BBC TV and radio producer and editor, Ellie became a published author relatively recently. Her first novel, Montmorency (Scholastic Press, 2003), was an immediate success and won two awards. Since then, Ellie has written and published one Montmorency novel per year. For Montmorency on the Rocks, the second novel in the series, Ellie set some of the most dramatic scenes in Kew Gardens, including a fight scene at the top of the Pagoda.

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